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As many of you are aware, we will be aiming to merge all realms this coming Wednesday, the 6th of June, beginning at the time of usual weekly maintenance. Downtime will be longer than usual, we expect at least 10 hours. Additionally, we'd like to share some details regarding realm name, limitations, naming clashes and other issues that arise in such a process.

Firstly, Anathema and Darrowshire will be joining with Lightbringer. We will not be renaming the realm at this stage.

Secondly, it is unlikely there will be a hard-cap on gold (if there is, it will be mirrored to the average gold of players with similar game time across the realms). Instead, we are considering applying a global reduction on all gold from the incoming realms proportional to the average play time and levels of the characters on the account compared to the same of those on all the realms. What we are trying to achieve here is to ensure that the incoming gold does not far exceed the gold to player proportion already in existence. The reality is that players on Anathema and Darrowshire are very well off compared to the population of Lightbringer, with less players yet higher average gold amounts.

There are a number of reasons for this, including but not limited to things such as lifespan and resource availability, along with a few unchecked exploits early on (including on Nostalrius). By using a formula which takes into account play time between the realms we would hope to ensure that those who have worked hard to earn their gold over a very long period do not lose an excessive amount, if any at all. It also prevents any hijinks around swapping gold between accounts to circumvent any hard limitations.

This does mean that low level bank alts with no high level characters on the account will likely lose a lot of gold (but that would have happened anyway if we used a cap based on number of characters, or characters above a certain level). Furthermore, items will be unaffected as it is simply not feasible to dictate what should and should not carry across, or in what volume.

For level 60 players on Darrowshire, this is an average of ~5% reduction.
For level 60 players on Anathema, this is an average of ~10% reduction.

The actual amount removed will depend on the individual's account, but it should more or less be around that ballpark

In regards to names and character retention, the following rules will apply:
  • Characters with the longest time played will have name preference. Those with clashing names and less play time will be forced to rename.
  • Any deleted characters on Anathema or Darrowshire will not be transferred, and hence be ineligible for character restorations in the future.
  • Accounts which would have more than 10 characters after the merge will only retain the 10 characters with the higher play times.
There are other things to consider as well, and our course of action is as follows:
  • Guilds with the same names as those existing on Lightbringer will have an indicator appended to their name. On a case by case basis, we will rename guilds if the existing guild is merely squatting on the name.
  • Players will remain in their guilds.
  • We will be restarting the realms once before the merging process begins in order to perform honour calculations. If we merged without doing this, it is highly likely that many players would be pushed out of their brackets leading to some sour fellows.
  • Friend and ignore lists may be wiped.
  • Mail will be kept. Any gold in mails will be truncated according to the receiver's level and play time.
  • Auctions will be retained, though it is likely at this stage that they will be expired and mailed back to the posting player rather than remaining on the Auction House. In this case, existing bids will be processed the same as they would as if the auction expired.
  • Pets will be kept, but likely require a rename.
  • Raid lockouts will be reset for incoming players - players on Lightbringer will keep 3 and 5-day lockout timers if they extend beyond the maintenance.
  • We will be keeping custom respec costs.
  • The lifetime-based PVP purchases that exist on Anathema and Darrowshire will be implemented on Lightbringer too.
Lastly, we will be giving players a special token to remember their home realm by. We're not quite sure what yet, but we want to make it nice and unique.
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