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Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:36 pm

The following is our planned schedule for the upcoming patches on Darrowshire and Lightbringer.
  • Darrowshire 1.11 - Scourge Invasion on Wednesday, March 7th. Raid unlocks on Saturday March 10th at 6 PM Server Time
  • Lightbringer 1.10 - March 7th (World Buffs will also be enabled in AQ this day)
  • Lightbringer 1.11 - Scourge Invasion on Wednesday, May 2nd. Raid unlocks on Saturday May 5th at 6 PM Server Time
  • Darrowshire 1.12 - May 2nd
  • Lightbringer 1.12 - June 6th
Anathema, Darrowshire and Lightbringer will merge on the 6th of June. We will share more details on the merge when we get closer to this date, but some preliminary information includes:
  • All characters on all 3 realms will be retained, unless the total characters on the same account exceeds 10 after the merge. Higher level characters will have priority. Players with too many characters are advised to delete any that are unwanted
  • Information on character naming policy and preference in cases of duplicate names will be released in due time
We plan to release a new, fresh realm between 11th and 17th of June.
Preliminary realm information includes:
  • World buffs in 40 man raid instances are disabled until 1 month after the final boss of the released instance is dead
  • Initially we will launch only one fresh PvP realm. If it becomes too large, a new PvP realm with the same patch and timeline will be created to accommodate the load. If either realm shrinks too much, they will be merged together to maintain a healthy population
  • More information about specific timelines will be made available closer to launch date
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