Lunaflower the Groupstealer

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Wed May 16, 2018 11:44 am

Lunaflower the Groupstealer a.k.a. Girl nobody want look at in depressions

Just to make sure for everyone, I am not makin this topic to try to ban the player I am going to talk about. Intention is to warn the community, leadership of the quality guilds, and loyal and friendly players, that do enjoy the game same as I do to prevent grouping with this honorless, miserable, ugly creature.

Few days ago, I decided to make a ZF Group. Sometimes its fast, sometimes finding the group takes time. This time it was the second option. After aproximatly 20-30 minutes of waiting, I managed to invite enough people for the full group. Once we all regrouped at the ZF Entrace, Player LUNAFLOWER requested Leader of group so she could ,,mark the mobs as she tank,, . A bit before scarab area, I said Lunaflower that since start there was no single mark on the mobs, so I asked her to return leader back. All I got was just total bullshits whispers, that lead to kicking me out of my OWN group I gathered, wasting a lot of my time.




Stronger than this wretched creature, may your path be.
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