Is it necessary to level up tailoring, clothing or the others?

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I'm a newbie at WoW and I've read some on the internet for tailoring or skinning or whatever for my druid. I just started out so I am level 7 now. Should I be worried about these things or is it unnecessary? Does it help when I get up to the higher levels if I started say tailoring at a minor level? And if that is the case, which should I choose. I have peeked a little at tailoring, clothing and engineering but I don't know which to get.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:14 pm

Which two professions you pick is personal preference mostly, but tailoring is not a good choice for Druids because they wear Leather, while tailoring is mostly for cloth wearers. Better pick is Leatherworking. And if you're just starting off, your second profession should be a gathering one, skinning is a good choice since it provides needed leather for your leatherworking.

Engineering I would not recommend as a new character because it is quite expensive.

Also, professions are not 100% necessary or required, it's up to you. I personally pick up two gathering professions when I am new to a server (like herbalism and skinning) and just auction house everything I find so I can have enough gold to afford a mount and other things in the future... but again... it's entirely up to you.
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