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Hello players of Lightbringer!

Have you just hit level 60 and are thinking of delving into some raid action?
Perhaps you want to raid but don't want to raid in a boring robotic raid environment?
Have you limited experience in raiding and wish to learn the raids from start to finish?
Perhaps you are level 55+ and looking for your guild to enjoy endgame content with?

Well look no further; Optimism is a new guild recently started by guild leader Ljadro, we are looking for players that have (or haven't) had much raid experience and want to try out the raids in a no pressure environment. In recent weeks, since our first raid in February we have come on leaps and bounds in finding an experienced raid leader, dedicated officers and the start of a fantastic core raiding team.

Now we are looking for more players to enjoy the progression experience with, this means that we will hope to get through every raid in game before retail release they're own servers.

Raid times:

Monday 19:30 ST invites
Wedneday 19:30 ST invites
Friday 19:30 ST invites

Going forward we may drop monday as it is only used while we are farming ZG/AQ20.

We are close to starting our first guild run to MC. We have over 80 active 60's that wish to raid but are struggling to get the numbers, we are hoping to get enough to start our MC run in the coming weeks.


Loot rules are currently free roll. This is only whilst we are raiding 20 mans and will not apply in 40 man raids. We hope to use a loot council for any non tier items. Tier items are free roll. Loot will be decided by Class Leaders once we have our core set up.

Guild website:
We use our website for raid sign-ups. Any social can sign upto a raid and it's first come first served, dependant on group composition, please note that raiders will have priority on raid spots.

How to join?
Please join our guild discord and write in guild chat if you wish to get hold of any of our officers for an invite, also feel free to message any of the following players in game.
Ljadro - Guild Master
Chrim - Officer/Council
Chavala - Officer/Council

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