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Sat May 05, 2018 12:40 pm


I want build a level 29 PVP group for Arathi and Warsong Battlegrounds.

All are welcome,
if you are nearly lvl 29 and want stay on lvl 29,
if you want have good Equip or will work for this and will enchant this,
if you want 1 day per Week play Warsong or Arathi, maybe Sondays?

Why i plan this?
A experiance from a typical Situation at lvl 19:
Battle begins with 3 People at Horde.
one is lvl 19 (good)
one is lvl 15
one is lvl 12 :(

At Alliance i see 6 Members with Ranks,
so i think they are all PVP Twinks.
So it is a Automatic Lose.
All what you become is a Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor,
but no Call at the Warsong Fraktion ( i dont know the correct englisch word).

If i try to join a lvl 29 Battleground, nothing starts
or extrem rare.

So are here some People interestet ar lvl 29 PVP ?

To my person:
I live in Germany (Europa) and i have no lvl 60 Char.
It is too much Time intensiv play to lvl 60 and try to become good Equip at lvl 60.

Where do you live?
All are welcome, but i think it is a Problem with differnt Time Zones
from per example, Russia, USA and Europe.

@Alliance Fraktion
Come also and build a Group.
No one will Battlegrounds with automatic wins or loses.
I will bring some live in this Situation.

Someone Interested? Whisper my Ingame at Thalantros or send me a Message.

mfg all
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Sun May 06, 2018 3:45 am

There was, at one time, a couple dedicated (level 29) twink guilds on Anathema -- one of the Alliance guilds was "Almost Thirty"

However, these guilds are all dead because Anathema is dead and will continue to stay dead until it is artificially reanimated when merged into Lightbringer.

After that, there will likely be some twink guilds because of the server population. However, it is likely that Lightbringer will suffer the slow death that Anathema experienced when the new Freshbringer server is unleashed and this whole process begins anew.

... and we cant have an /xpoff command because the sexless sperg-purists (who dont twink, with one mega-autist exception) would -- apparently -- be unable to continue playing if such a command existed (regardless of the additional activity in low-level PVE and PVP that twinks generate).
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Sun May 06, 2018 7:07 am

Too little too late. Battlegrounds at 60 don't even happen anymore. If you're even going to play here, I hope you read Chinese. You can thank everyone who stupidly bandwagoned over to Lightbringer for its downfall, and as Jeddite said, the process will repeat itself once they stupidly release yet another needless realm for everyone to stupidly bandwagon yet again. Then next year they'll merge the then empty Lightbringer into THAT realm and do it all over again. The process will repeat itself until either A) The staff stops being stupid, or B) Blizzard hosts. Neither is scheduled anytime soon.
10 months from Nostalrius, 12 on Anathema. I am now retired and have moved on to doing new things. R I P Anathema. Looks like Lightbringer will be next for the chopping block.
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