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We are a dedicated community of WoW players that formed on 20 August 2012 and has been growing since. Our ranks contain a large number of veterans, but also a healthy amount of motivated new forces. The guild has been stable during its entire existence and we've grown from a WoW guild to a community of WoW players that have formed lifelong bonds. We are constantly looking for fresh blood in the guild to enrich our community and stay on top of the raiding curve.

We listen to our community and do our very best to answer whatever the needs might be. We have done all kinds of events to make our raiding versatile and engaging for our raiders - speedruns, split raids and other challenges, both in Azeroth and outside. This experience allows us to adapt to any server's pace of content release and to keep our community engaged and entertained.

Our goal is to continue what we have become. Dreamstate brings strong and dedicated players together in order to create a healthy community where people enjoy WoW as a team, while respecting each other as individuals. Each of us is devoted to the game, but we also recognise each player's real life commitments and strive to find the perfect balance between gaming and real life for every one of our members. Communication is key in these matters so we expect players to keep us informed about their absences.

We are a very progress oriented guild that has achieved server firsts in the past and we are determined to continue pushing the boundaries of raiding and competing for every PvE achievement.
  • Server first Kel'Thuzad on Anathema PvP.
  • Server first The Four Horsemen on Anathema PvP.
  • Server first Construct Wing, Death Knight Wing and Spider Wing (except Anub'Rekhan) clear on Anathema PvP.
  • Horde first AQ40 clear on Anathema PvP.
  • Server first T5 clear on Looking4Group - Hellfire.
  • Server first Taerar on Nostalrius PvP.
  • Server first Nefarian on Nostalrius PvP.
  • Server first Hakkar on Nostalrius PvP.
  • Server first Azuregos in collaboration with GRIZZLY and other guilds.
  • Server first Kazzak in collaboration with Phoenix and other guilds.
Speaking of PvE achievements, here's a list of some of our record clear times for Vanilla raids:
  • Naxx (4 Quarter) (2017-12-07) 102 min - fastest 4 Quarter clear on all private servers combined
  • Naxx (Construct Quarter) (2017-12-07) 17 min and 41 sec - fastest Construct Quarter clear on all private servers combined
  • Naxx (Military Quarter) (2017-12-07) 26 min and 30 sec - fastest Military Quarter clear on all private servers combined
  • Naxx (Arachnid Quarter) (2017-12-07) 19 min - fastest Arachnid Quarter clear on Anathema PvP
  • AQ40 (2017-08-09) 40 min and 12 sec - fastest AQ40 on all private servers combined
  • BWL (2017-03-08) 29 min and 34 sec - fastest BWL on Nostalrius/Anathema PvP
  • MC (2017-04-05) 22 min and 54 sec - fastest MC on Nostalrius/Anathema PvP
  • ZG (2017-06-11) 20 min and 3 sec - fastest legit (no pre clearing of trash) ZG on the Elysium/Light's Hope servers
  • AQ20 (2017-06-11) 19 min and 7 sec - fastest AQ20 on all private servers combined




    Raiding schedule (GMT+1):
    Wednesday | 19:00 - 23:30
    Thursday | 19:00 - 23:30
    Sunday | 19:00 - 23:30
    (Monday) | 19:00 - 23:30 (Progress)
    Raid invites | 18:30

    You can find our videos here: Youtube
    You can find our active streamers here: Twitch
    You can find our roster here: Realmplayers
    You can find our guild history (blog) here: Guild History

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Bump for new forums.
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Interested in reading up on Dreamstate's history? Have a look at this post:
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Some of you was in "Work in Progress" guild right? :)
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Dreamstate has killed its last raid boss for the foreseeable future, as we have ceased actively raiding on Anathema after completing our twentieth and final Naxxramas raid on the server.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 marks the first time since Dreamstate’s foundation on August 25th, 2012 - five months and five years ago to the day - that the guild is not actively raiding or leveling.

Over the guild’s five and a half year history, more than two hundred different players have actively raided with Dreamstate. While the future of the guild is presently uncertain, rest assured that we will welcome our old guild mates with open arms on whatever project we next find ourselves on - even the traitors and spies who joined the enemy.

Once a dreamer - always a dreamer.


We once again owe a heartfelt thanks to our adversaries through the years - Team Plague, Judgement, NOPE and Coalition. Dreamstate won and lost its share of progress races throughout the years, but they would not have meant half as much without worthy opponents. With the amount of players that were poached from or who defected between Dreamstate and our rivals, one could almost argue that we are relatives at this point.

You can make a post in the public forum if you were once part of Dreamstate and would like forum access to relive days of old, or if you would like to follow the discussion about Dreamstate’s future on our Skype and Discord. It’s likely that we will see Dreamstate reunited on Classic WoW, but in the meantime our members are joining up with each other to enjoy different expansions and servers or even different games with people who shared the guild as a home.

While Dreamstate fulfilled its goal of killing Kel’Thuzad, the community built around Dreamstate lives on. Guilds and servers may die, but dreams live forever.
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Anathema kills another guild -.-
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