<Simplicite> [US] 10/15 NAXX, Sun/Thurs 7-10pm EST (LF 1x Ranged and 1x Heal)

Alliance guild information and recruitment.
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[A] <Simplicite> [US] 10/15 NAXX, Sun/Thurs 7-10pm EST

Guild composition

Mishmash of players from different backgrounds. Some play retail, play other legacy servers, have raided hardcore, never raided before, or have been a part of high ranking kills. All that matters is that you prove you are consistent and focused during our limited raid time. We consist of two raid groups and hopefully you will find a home in one.

Raid Environment

Everyone is relaxed and surprisingly positive for a guild of has-beens reliving vanilla WoW. The GM is the only person allowed to give vocal criticism. There will never be a feeling of “Too many chiefs”.

Loot System

Loot Council


Expected by next raid, possible guild assistance (Case by Case).


Expected. Flasking for progression. More relaxed standards during farm. Consistent low performers can be replaced.


Absences should be known in advance. We understand real life as we are functional adults too. However, missing too often can lead to replacement.


We use TeamSpeak and almost no exception will be made if a player refuses to join. If you just don’t want to use your microphone, it may be acceptable depending on responsibilities in raid. The second raid group uses discord, be able to use both well enough.


Progression can call for a request to extend the raid an hour and is only contingent on the amount of people that can stay on.

Recruiting Needs

We have, and still do, consider ALL prospects.

Contacts in Game (In game mail is fine. We will try for setting meetings before or after raid).

Ovoamazing, Rockfish, Ciitrahops, Sovsefar, Bloodsworth, Jroc, Erbodhe
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Hey my name is Libertywalk (42 hunter) in game.

I used to play in Nost and got to level 42. But, after the server was shut down, I stopped playing. I transferred my character to Elysium awhile ago and never played.

With the news of the classic servers I plan on playing this until launch and want to experience the content. Darrowshire seems to be pretty dead at the moment so I'm trying to find a group of people to play with. Would I be able to join as a level 42+?

If so please send me a message in game or post reply.

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I am looking on moving from LH to Darrowshire just for pve, I am willing to roll any class that is needed or desired and would be more than happy to fill any spots you have open. I am experience raider of wow for 13 years and I can pick and play any class rather well.
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I am interested finding one dedicated a priest looking to heal from now through Naxx. Obviously our raid times must work for you. Contact Rockfish/Manbeard in-game to set up a discrete convo in teamspeak or discord. You can also contact me here.
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Hi, I'm a level 60 MM Hunter who's been on break for awhile but is looking for an active guild to raid with. I raided with my current guild, Empire, back when we were clearing MC and ZG so my current gear is T1 / ZG / Pre-raid BiS. I have raiding experience of MC / Ony / ZG / BWL / AQ20 / AQ40 from retail. What drew me to your post were the raid times. I'm EST and 7pm - 10pm is perfect on Thursdays. Sunday would be iffy for me but I'd be able to make it occasionally.

Let me know of you want to chat in game.

P.s. I'm in the process of leveling a holy priest atm.
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