<Hyljatud> EST - 13/15 Naxx Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 1900 Server Time

Alliance guild information and recruitment.
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Sun May 13, 2018 1:35 pm

<Hyljatud> currently 13/15 Naxx

We are looking for a few players to finish up 4HM and Frost wing.
- Our goal is to down Kel'Thuzad ASAP once and then call it a job well done.
- Guild tag is not important and you can join our raid while in another.
- Loot system is EP/GP.

All classes and specs are considered, but people with BWL-AQ gear and some Naxx experience are preferred.

Raiding schedule (Only Naxxramas) - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday at 1900-2200 server time.
Voice and chat are both in EST and ENG, but raid lead is in ENG.

Contact - @tiiger @Balgain @fatale
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